Collaborative Counseling

We can help with individual and family social-emotional needs that are relevant to treatment but fall outside the OT umbrella. We can often see you while your child is in treatment, for anything from a specific challenge to a more on-going issue.

What is Collaborative Counseling?

Occupational Therapy may only be one piece of the puzzle that is needed to promote optimal development for your child. Our collaborative counseling service is designed to address client and family social-emotional needs that may be relevant to a client’s treatment but that fall outside the scope of occupational therapy practice. OTC therapists collaborate with our counselor, Melissa Ward, LCPC to provide comprehensive treatment for clients and their families.

Collaborative counseling may be helpful to:

  • Address overall family dynamics and challenges
  • Target specific parenting challenges, dilemmas and difficulties
  • Address social-emotional needs of your child
  • Help support your emotional well-being and mental health, as you parent your child with unique needs
  • Help with individual issues that may be impacting your or your child’s daily function

Collaborative counseling is an affordable and easily-accessible opportunity to supplement your child and family. We can often conduct counseling during your child’s occupational therapy session, for ease of scheduling and childcare.

Collaborative counseling may be brief (3-4 sessions) and address very concrete topics with which parents may be struggling, such as bedtime, or it may be ongoing to address such things as relationship struggles. Collaborative counseling is individualized and varies with the needs of each child, family and person.

All counseling services are considered out of network and are thus paid for at the time of service. Collaboration between occupational therapists and the counselor helps to increase effectiveness of treatment by providing additional insights and greater client support.

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