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It’s Time to Refine: 6 Pillars of Effective Sensory OT Practice

Improve your impact and your income by using an evidence-informed framework for clinical reasoning.

Monday, August 30th 11:30 am EST

Polyvagal Theory & OT - FREE Download

This convenient summary chart details the multiple areas of alignment between Polyvagal Theory and Occupational Therapy. 

Sensory Collective Membership & Group Coaching

This learning community will help to build your capacity for clinical reasoning, navigating practice and leading clients and teams in the practice and business of sensory therapy.

Free Facebook Group for OTs Using Polyvagal Theory

This is a professional group for Occupational Therapists to share in study and discussion of how to translate key concepts of Polyvagal Theory into best practices of occupational therapy and thus have bigger impact with our clients and in the world!

Book a Sensory Coaching Call

Kelly is available for private coaching on an as-needed basis. If you are an OT and work alone with nobody to bounce things off of day to day, you may be struggling with various clinical or business aspects of sensory-based practice. A call with Kelly will help.

On-Demand Webinar: OT & Polyvagal Theory: A Framework for Refining our Sensory Practice

In this recorded webinar, I’ll be sharing with you some best practices of what’s worked for me in my practice while applying Polyvagal Theory and some of the science behind it. I’ll also share concerns/critiques and finally, language you can share with families, and some take-aways you can implement immediately with your clients or your own children.

Intensive 1:1 or Clinic Mentorship

It’s an exciting time to be a sensory OT. I want to give you confidence as a therapist, as a practice owner, as a parent, or as a person and to help make your sensory practice easier! It really does take a village.


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