Our Unique Approach

Relationships are at the heart of our work, and the value we place on those relationships sets us apart from other practices. We not only work closely with our little clients, but we pull parents, therapists and other cutting edge services into the fold as well. We tailor each package of treatments, appointments and recommendations specifically to each client.

Our Vision

OTC is the most expert and trusted local resource for sensory processing and developmental services, providing answers and helping to make daily activities easier for you and your family.

We Think Outside the Box!

We know that accurate and comprehensive assessment is the foundation of effective treatment and collaboration is the key to effective services. We don’t believe every child needs treatment. We do believe every child can benefit from playful activities, development can be influenced by activity, and that every brain has an inherent ability to change at any age. Treatment plans are written to be re-evaluated within 8 weeks of starting treatment, and parents play an active and integral role in every therapeutic process. When parents understand their children, life gets easier!

We Believe In…


We work closely with parents and have built a network of partnerships to build effective and lasting solutions to the challenges parents encounter with their children every day.


We offer grounded scientific explanations and evidenced-based solutions for the seemingly simple things people do every day.


We have an extensive clinical background. We are able to offer an integrative approach to treating complex problems. We can combine sensory interventions with mental health services and work with children, adolescents and people of all ages. All therapists have advanced certification in interventions proven to work. We have the competence to administer and score standardized developmental tests including the sensory integration and Praxis test, and the ability to accurately identify and treat problems in sensory processing and other developmental diagnoses.


We offer intensive treatment opportunities beyond traditional once per week therapy. Research shows that increased frequency of service may lead to improved functional outcomes and clinical experience shows it can shorten the overall length of time that treatment may be needed. We use goal attainment scaling to write treatment goals that are meaningful and measurable so that we can accurately measure change that matters to you. Ask us about intensive treatment options that may be available.

Parent Involvement

We often emphasize home programs because parents know their kids better than anyone, and when parents are involved it means increased potential for successful outcomes of therapy. Every client gets home “work.” We offer many options for structured therapeutic home programs, we teach flexible sensory diets, or less formal DIY strategies that parents can implement, either with or without clinic-based services. See more about our “Parent Partnership Model” below.

Behavior as Communication

We view behavior as a symptom of an underlying need, and getting to the root of why a child behaves the way they do, is fundamental to “fixing” it. Every child wants to succeed and please and every child seeks out what they need at some level. By seeing behaviors as “clues,” we try to discover and uncover the activities and strategies that will be most helpful at home and school.

Clinical Needs First

Regardless of insurance coverage, all clients receive the same level of clinical service, and we continue to offer a high level of complexity in our assessments and treatments. We have a hybrid fee-for-service payment structure which means we are in-network with only one insurance company (Carefirst/BCBS) and the remainder of our clients are private pay, out-of-network clients. All clients will have to pay some amount for services that are not reimbursed by insurance (our parent only meetings for example), but we refuse to compromise the quality of our services because of insurance constraints. This model affords us the opportunity to help more clients than we could otherwise help if we remained exclusively out-of-network, but allows us to remain financially viable AND maintain the flexibility and independence to be creative in how and where services are provided, to do clinically what clients need most, and to offer treatments that are consistent with models of “best-practice.”

Our Staff

We support our therapists to pursue ongoing training in specialized areas of practice by providing tuition reimbursement for continuing education and providing mentorship in all aspects of clinical practice. Our back-office staff have a wealth of experience in multiple sectors of business as well as child-centered work. We encourage a team atmosphere and have selected team members who are smart, passionate, committed, and enjoyable people. We trust that you are in good hands with whomever you encounter at OTC.

Parent Partnership Model

We use a parent partnership model of service. This means that parents are involved and expected to be involved in therapy. We don’t provide treatment to children. We work with children and families, to help make life easier on a daily basis.

Parent Observation

Parents are welcome to be a part of therapy sessions. Parents may participate actively or observe in therapy sessions, depending on the unique needs and dynamics of the child and family. Your therapist will guide you and set up the level of participation most suited to your child’s and family’s needs.

Home Program

All parents are provided with a home program because therapy is more effective and lasting change happens when parents feel supported and therapeutic activities are carried over at home.

Parent Education

Opportunities for parent education happen throughout and/or at the end of every session. In this way parents are informed about the therapist’s observations of progress and can learn what to look for or ask questions related to their child. We encourage parents to share observations about what is happening for their child at home.

Parent-only Meetings

Parent-only meetings are required at regular intervals throughout the course of treatment. The first meeting typically occurs at 8 weeks, so progress related to the initial treatment plan may be reviewed and treatment goals may be revised as needed. It is an opportunity for parents and therapist to connect without distraction and for open discussion about the direction of and the child’s response to treatment. At this first meeting, the therapist and parents will decide together about best goals and duration of the next round of treatment. Parent-only meetings are paid for out of pocket and are not reimbursable by insurance. If this service is cost-prohibitive for whatever reason, please let us know if a payment plan is needed. Parent-only sessions are also available upon parent request throughout the course of or even after the course of treatment ends.


All treatment plans take into consideration the unique context and diverse needs of each family. Family is defined as “those significant others who are involved in the life of the child receiving treatment.” We collaborate with other disciplines with whom a child may already be connected and we make referrals to other disciplines as the need arises. We have an established network of local therapists and medical practitioners from varying backgrounds to help us support parents in getting what they need for their children.

Coaching and Counseling Services

Our parent coaching and collaborative counseling services are another way we partner with parents to make life easier at home.

Online Resources

Connect with us online and via social media. We offer our blog, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook page, as well as a special Facebook group for parents.

Our Partners

We believe it takes a village and have thus formed partnerships within our local community, to serve as resources that may be valuable to you and your family. We select partners based on sharing of similar values and their approach to how they do what they do. If your organization is interested in partnering, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Dancing Bear Toys

The owners of this battery-free toy store believe in the importance of play and they work to make a difference in our local community. In regards to play, The Bear believes: "Kids need it, adults need it...everyone wins when you put some play in your day!" OTC partners with The Bear to offer classes and parent workshops on topics related to child development and skills children need to play.

Melissa Ward Counseling Services

Melissa provides a therapeutic environment that addresses individual and family challenges and encourages positive possibilities, as well as each client's inherent potential. OTC partners with Melissa to provide collaborative Counseling and our Sensational Parenting programs and resources.

SOL Yoga

Sol Yoga's mission is to infuse and inspire health, wellness and wholeness into daily life through the practice of yoga. They are committed to serving the community and encouraging people to care for themselves and others. OTC recommends yoga for people of all ages and has intermittently collaborated on providing yoga classes and workshops to parents and children.

Calvary Weekday School

Calvary Weekday Preschool supports the philosophy that children learn best through active involvement with a rich and stimulating environment. OTC partners with Calvary preschool to provide parent education workshops, and screening or assessment services in the classroom.

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