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Polyvagal Theory & Sensory Processing: Bridging Theory & Practice (Recorded Webinar)


Polyvagal Theory & Sensory Processing: Bridging Theory & Practice is a four part, 6 hour, recorded intermediate level workshop created in collaboration with Integrative Education. Presented by Kelly Beins, OTR/L and originally hosted by Integrative Education.

This workshop provides clinicians with a grounding in Polyvagal Theory and revisits key concepts of OT-SI intervention in order to explore key points of alignment and distinction between these two frameworks. Through content, case study, and small group discussion(s) participants will explore and practice applying polyvagal theory to the therapeutic process for existing clients. Special topics to be explored include re-thinking adaptive responses, task analysis, modulation challenges, addressing big behaviors and providing parent education and home programs in an EASIER way. All participants are asked to arrive with an existing case they can use throughout the course. The goal of this workshop is to help therapists use polyvagal theory to refine their clinical reasoning and clinical skills for use with children who have sensory processing challenges.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe polyvagal theory and explain its importance to working with people who have sensory processing challenges
  2. Apply current evidence to clinical reasoning and your therapeutic process with clients
  3. Explain three ways polyvagal theory may be applied during OT-SI intervention to support better outcomes with clients

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