Sensory Parenting: An EASIER Way Course




A course for parents about sensory processing. Feel like a better sensory parent and have a happier child. Taught by expert clinician, Kelly Beins, BHScOTR/L. Register now, this course will be capped at enrollment of 6 families!

This personalized, 12-week course starts April 1st and goes until June 17th. All sessions may be completed online. Space is limited to 6 families.

Course includes:

  • 6 online live group lectures/modules  (Wednesdays 12pm EST; recording available)
  • 6 online interactive live group discussion, Q&A sessions (Tuesdays 8pm EST; recording available)
  • Hands-on exercises and homework to correspond to content of each module
  • Personal email support throughout the course as needed
  • Printable sensory workbook
  • Individual check-ins for two months after the program ends

Course Outline & Topics:
Find more ease managing sensory meltdowns and behavior. Learn how to support your child’s nervous system and thereby help them thrive!

  • Session 1: Emotions and co-regulation; foundations in neuroscience
  • Session 2: Anchor Senses; which senses are most important and why
  • Session 3: Building a Sensory Filter; clarifying terminology, knowing where your child fits in, becoming a sensory detective
  • Session 4: Using Parental Intuition; common sense sensory strategies and building a sensory diet
  • Session 5: Setting Expectations; being realistic about what to expect now and in the future
  • Session 6: Sensory Resources; setting yourself up for success and having the tools you need


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