Webinar: Beyond the Sensory Box, SPD Information and Tools for Mental Health Clinicians



Beyond the Sensory Box: SPD Information and Tools for Mental Health Clinicians

Sensory symptoms often co-exist with mental health diagnoses but too often mental health clinicians and other disciplines are misinformed or uninformed about the current state of research, or when to refer and to whom.  Additionally, the fact that SPD is not yet identified as a medical diagnosis may complicate the treatment process when trying to educate and gain trust with clients and/or colleagues.  This webinar presents an overview of information that mental health therapists will find useful in:
  1. understanding and explaining this broad quasi-diagnosis to clients and colleagues,
  2. completing assessment and differential diagnosis,
  3. developing treatment plans for clients who present with sensory symptoms and
  4. building their personal toolbox of things they can offer immediately and in sessions to support clients experiencing sensory symptoms.
Disciplines who should participate: counselors, social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, educators, pediatricians

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