“Is there anything you are doing lately that feels “just right?” This conversation I had with Kim Barthel, who is a world-renowned occupational therapist, speaker, author, instructor, and consultant is something that truly makes me smile! One big reason this conversation makes me smile is that in addition to sharing a love of neurobiology, I trust Kim implicitly to fill in some gaps that I’ve been wondering about for some time when it comes to Polyvagal Theory.

Polyvagal Theory, while fascinating and SO useful at explaining many aspects of what we see in OT practice, also confuses our traditional OT ways of considering regulation and the role of sensory processing in human function. Please watch as Kim and I discuss the neurobiology of sensation and sensory processing differences as well as many aspects of Polyvagal Theory! Disregard my giggling…it’s an indicator of how enjoyable she is!


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